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Adding a new runtime configuration variable

add a new member to the profile struct, both in the struct itself and in the appropriate *_MEMBERS define.

this will make it available in the variable profile.your.variable for you to switch on in the codebase and automatically generate the cbor encoding/decoding code to expose it via usb.

Creating a template

All files must be named the same and begin either /tune or /setup

  • Set up the build to your requirements then save a profile. Edit the .yaml file to only contain the necessary settings for your template. Save as /the name of your template/profile.yaml
  • Create a new file with a line for name and a line for description like so Start the first line with name: and the second line with desc: Save the file as /the name of your template/index.yaml
  • Add an image .jpg and save as /the name of your template/image.jpg
  • Commit this to the repository and create a pull request from the commit.